Wednesday, August 22, 2012

College Safety

One of the most important issues that I noticed was being stressed my first year at college was safety. Expecially as a girl. We were given rape whistles along with our keys and later that day a campus security guard gave us a lecture about where was safe and what wasn't.

I know people who are very nervous about this issue. Many girls I know carry mace or won't walk campus after dark. There is always a concern about which areas are too dark at night. This is despite the fact that we are a small campus in a relatively safe area. Anyone who is not recognizable stands out pretty easily. It makes me wonder what goes on on other campus.

In addition to physical safety, there is also emotional safety to worry about. Many students face threats or harrasment, which can come from people you know and see frequently, or barely know. With the Internet, it seems that no one is safe.

Safety Tips:

1. Caller I.D. is important. If you get a suspicious call, you can report the number.
2. Let people know where you'll be. Tell your roommate when to expect you home, or call another friend.
3. Keep your cell phone with you.
4. Don't overreact. Some people try to take advantage using fear to sell something. Use the same logic you normally would in making a purchase.