Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nickelodeon as We Knew is Coming Back

Rumor has it that in order to boost ratings, Nickelodean is bringing back some of its hit shows from the 90s. Not only will they be airing classic episodes, the producers have agreed to make new episodes as well. The fight to bring back the favorite episodes of our generation has been a pretty strong movement. The group on Facebook is right up there with requesting Betty White on SNL.

The only problem I see with this plan is accessibility. The shows will be part of a two-hour late night block on Teen Nick. I understand Nickelodean's target audience is college students who will likely be up that late, but it surprises me that the station does not want to try to get younger audiences interested as well. After all, these are kid shows. In addition to that, Teen Nick is a premium cable station and many college students will not have access to it. I think it would make more sense to air it on Nick's main channel, maybe as part of Nick @ Nite, and in the afternoon.

For the record, I don't really know much about the shows that they are planning to air. My family did not have cable until 2004.
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  1. lol i think nickelodeon surrendered to disney ages ago :/

  2. It's true that the two networks compete against each other, but I don't think the battle is anywhere near over. I guess this is how Nickelodeon hopes to get an edge and it makes a lot of sense in my opinion.

    Thanks for commenting, I hope to see you back often.

  3. I loved old Nick shows, but I won't watch them now. Basic cable is all I can afford, what a bummer.