Monday, November 29, 2010

Cyber Monday

In honor of Cyber Monday, I'm going to share some tips to save money while browsing the Internet. The World Wide Web, as every college student knows, is a blessing and a curse. It's great for shopping, researching, and killing time. But with it comes endless possibilities for wasting time and money. Here are some tips for keeping your spending within the limits of your budget:

1. Consider whether you would buy the product at its usual price. If it's only worth it because it's 75% off, then it probably isn't worth it at all.
2. Don't forget about taxes and shipping costs.
3. Sales, especially short-term ones, often create an artificial need, so be sure not to succumb to pressure to buy something just because it won't be on sale tomorrow.
4. Put items in a wish list and come back another day to see if you still want it. Even better, go to the brick and mortar store to look at it in person.
5. Know the return policy.

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