Friday, August 13, 2010

Tips for Shopping

1. Make a list ahead of time: It curves impulse buys.

2. If you tag along with a friend to the store, but don't want to buy anything, leave your money at home.

3. Keep things at hand: the less you lose items, the less you'll replace them.

4. The more preparation you have to do with food, the cheaper it will be. So make sure things like frozen foods are luxuries, not staples.

5. The best places to avoid are Walmart and the mall. They have the most tempation. And remember, you're not saving money if you're spending it on something you wouldn't buy otherwise.

6. Keeps snacks like preztels or chips around and in bulk so you don't have to hit the vending machine for a late night snack.

7. While fruits and vegetables are important, these go bad quickly. Share them (and the cost if you wish) with friends and roommates or buy in small porportions.

8. Sign up for a customer loyalty card at the places you will shop the most. Or, borrow your parents' card (or I.D. number) if possible. Get their permission first.
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