Friday, August 13, 2010

Featured Comments for Friday the 13th

This week we're featuring two comments, one useful and one funny.

The first one is by Hotcakes on the Post Things to Always Have With You:

"dont forget common sense, :) they always get left behind after a summer hang over"

The second comment is by holly on the Post Grad School:

"I have lots of thoughts and quite a bit of experience with this (I'm starting my doctorate in a few weeks), but as far as one of the beginning stages, don't let anyone convince you it's impossible to study for the GRE. I've heard from so many unmotivated people, "There's just no way to study for it. Go in there and do your best." Lies! When I was preparing for the GRE the first time, I crack a study guide a couple of times, looked at a website or two and decided to wing it. The second time, I spent several hours a week all summer writing sentences with vocabulary words, reviewing math formulas and practice equations and fine-tuning my writing. I'd recommend books by Kaplan and the site Hope this helps!"

Thanks to all of my readers out there, especially those who shared their thoughts.


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1 comment:

  1. I had a lot of people telling me the same thing about the GRE. But I decided not to listen to them because after all who am I going to let control my future?? Strangers or random people? I think not!