Friday, October 29, 2010

The Future of Print

It seems everywhere we look we are faced with news sources. Newspapers have their own websites and bloggers are considered respected journalists. Because of these growing mediums, we are told that, like campus colleges, print media is growing extinct. The same is true with magazines. Why purchase a subscription when you can view the content online for free?

Well, I have to disagree. For example, the internet has not killed book research, although it has changed it. Libraries and book stores are still around. And newspapers are a century-old media, I highly doubt they could die all due to bloggers and Google News. As for magazines, if anything, having sites will help them. It allows more people to get a taste of it so they are more confident investing the money in a subscription. Aside from that, I have tried not renewing my subscription because I figured the site was enough. However, I was wrong and went back to print.

Besides, does anyone really think magazines and newspapers are going to continue to allow their readership free access? Some already have site content that is only available to readers, and I predict more will follow. Others may charge for the site access. And when faced with paying for print or for online content, I suspect more people will be tempted to pay for print.

Here is a blogger that seems to agree with me:

And an article that may contradict me:

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