Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My First Blog Fest (A little Late)

Over at Cerebral Lunchbox the author is hosting a blog fest specifically for blogs with 150 followers or less. This is perfect because I once wrote a post about how I love smaller, undiscovered blogs and wanted a way to find more of them ( Anyways, the topic is about my favorite Holdiday Special.

I am a sucker for Halloween TV specials, and the TV show with the best Halloween specials would have to be Home Improvement. My favorite would probably be the one where Wilson fakes his death and pretends to frame Tim. At the very end, Tim pulls another prank on Wilson at which point Tim appears with Wilson's parrot who says "Tim's the King!" Of course, it also helps that at the beginning, they were at a costume party and Jill comes dressed as the Wicked Witch and Tim is a flying monkey.

By the way, I'm sorry I got this post out a little late for the blog fest, I'm celebrating a lesser represented Holiday (at least by TV specials) known as Homecoming.


  1. Hope all the Homecoming festivities were great! I had forgotten about the great Home Improvement episodes. Oh man, I'd love to steal that costume idea, but somehow I don't think my husband would go for it.

    Thanks for making the blogfest a success!

  2. I'm close enough to monkey without another get up thanks.

  3. Witless Expostion, thanks for hosting the blogfest, it was a great idea. Tim's costume was pretty hilarious.