Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Smoking Bans on Campus

My school is far from smoke-free. All of the residence buildings have several smoking floors, and the only limitation for smoking outside is that you cannot be within 25 feet of an entrance, which of course, no one follows, including faculty. The problem with smoking bans is that they are nearly impossible to enforce. Campus cops usually do not have the power to give tickets.

I am not a smoker, but I do believe that people have the right to smoke, as long as they are not interferring with anyone else. In other words, smoking outside, and in your dorm room is permissable, community buildings are not. However, students who smoke are costing themselves money and their health, so any thing that makes students more reluctant to smoke is good thing. Social stigma, like the following article credits, inconvienence, and programs for students that wish to quit are, in my opinion, much more effective than rules.


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