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As a student who pays boarding fees, I mostly eat in the cafeteria. It works out pretty convientently, and the food is alright. Of course, there are plenty of problems with it. For one, the vegetarian options are limited. When I have tried to eat meat free, I usually end up eating cheese pizza or grilled cheese with tomato and lettuce (delicious, but not always filling).

On top of the vegetarian issue, I'm not sure the cafeteria is the healthiest place to eat anyways, and certainly not the most environmentally friendly. At the beginning of this semester we made the change to trayless, but there has been some resistance, including a request for our Student Government to change it back.
Anyways, this brings me to the topic of today's blog: a woman, known on the internet as Mrs. Q, has just spent a year experiencing school lunches. Understandably, she has a lot of concerns. View her blog here.

The blog made me think: in college, our parents are a lot less involved with school than they once were. As such, they hardly ever serve as advocates for us any more. But what if a parent were so fed up with college cafeteria food that they decided to do the same experiment that Mrs. Q did? Would they be happy with your school's food? What would bug them the most?

Of course, as adults, we are now responsible for our own health and happiness. That is one of the biggest differences between high school and college in my opinion.

What do you think are the biggest issues with college lunches today? Please leave your comments.

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