Monday, September 13, 2010

"That's Not my Thing."

This week is my school's Formal Recruitment. That means that last week all of us affiliated with a national sorority were busy signing girls up to meet with all of our campus' sororities. I didn't think it would be all that difficult; all you have to do is sit at a table and ask girls if they want to sign up. If they have any questions, answer them.

However, it felt a little like pulling teeth. Girls who stopped to talk about it had to be convinced that it would be fun and even then a lot of them did not put their names down. The most common reason I heard? "That's not my thing."

As a proud sorority chick myself I found that statement oddly offensive. Many of these girls were freshmen so they had no idea what Greek life at this university is even like. The whole purpose of something like formal recruitment is to find out if this is for you. I know many girls who never saw themselves as members of a sorority but now hold major offices, and consider their membership an important part of who they are.

This post is not meant to be a rant about how everyone stereotypes Greek. College is about trying new things, whether that means going to an interest meeting for a Greek organization or taking a class on Finance even though you want to teach kindergarten. It gives you chance to not only learn new things but to learn something about yourself.

My freshman year one of my friends convinced me to join my school's Philosophy Club. I hated it, and only stayed for one semester. But you know what? I'm still glad I did it. I had never read any philosophy books up to that point, so I had very little knowledge of it. Now, I am better informed, had the chance to meet a professor who turned out to be one of my favorite teachers, and met other students I would not have otherwise.

So rather than turning something down just because you don't think its for you, jump in and try something you never thought you would, as long as it is not dangerous. You have nothing to loose, but so much to gain.
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