Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Parents' Role in Students' Lives

College is when most students are away from their parents for the longest time ever. And because parents and their children are often very close, or at least in some way reliant on each other, parents are entering a new stage of life along with their children. Because of this, colleges are adapting to serve parents and deal with their concerns as well. This may be done by including parents in presentations about financial aid or alcohol.

Some parents have trouble letting go. Were your parents this way? The best thing to do is to not let them linger. Once you are done packing, thank them and say good bye. If necessary, tell them you have a required orientation even to go to, one where parents are not allowed.

During the year, when your parents start asking too many questions, suggest that they sign up for the school newsletter or join the Parents' Club. Limit phone calls to no more than twice a week, unless calling for a specific reason (Like sorting out loan information, not they have local gossip.)

College is a time for independence, and no matter how difficult it is for your parents to let go, it needs to happen.
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