Friday, July 30, 2010

Featured Comments

In order to encourage responses and discussion on this blog, I have decided to start featuring a comment every Friday from the last week. This comment will either be one that caused the most discussion, was the most interesting, or just made some very good points or had excellent advice in it. Today's comment is not  from the last week, just because I haven't gotten any commenters this week. It was posted on the post Mary J. Blige is Going To College and was posted by meli.mtzesca. Here was her response:

"this is nice to know, my mom just walked down the aisle to receive her AA and graduated from community college & she's about to turn 64. [I was sitting right next to her, as I also graduated]

(: "

A final thank you to everyone who reads this blog and a special thank you to those who take the time to share your opinions.


  1. Hi! I like your blog...I am currently a graduate student in speech-language pathology. School is great now (because I'm truly invested in the professional outcome) but nothing will compare with my undergraduate experience...I loved it!

  2. Thats pretty cool. I used to go to a speech pathologist when I was a kid.