Friday, July 9, 2010

What to Keep in Your Dorm Room

    On Wednesday I gave some tips on making the most of the space you have, so here are some tips for what you'll need in your dorm. These may vary depending on what your school is like and what it provides.

  • Snacks- keep them relatively healthy and nonperishable, but always have some junk food on hand as well. Also have enough stuff for an actual meal in case you want to keep working straight through supper time, even if the meal is Ramen.

  • Cleaning supplies- these will vary depending on what kind of dorm you have, but between you and your roommate I would advise having at least a small vacuum cleaner.

  • A clock radio-if possible, get all of your electronic needs in one item i.e. a radio with a C.D. player and iPod dock.

  • Bedding

  • School supplies

  • A computer- a laptop is best, since it will take up less space and is portable. Just keep it charged.

  • Pictures from home

  • A few nick nacks

  • Containers- the more organized your space is, the more room you'll have. Just don't forget where you put stuff.


  1. And locks. I had a dorm mate go through my things. Never cool. And quarters for laundry!!!!

  2. Quarters for laundry is definitely a good one. I was surpirsed how many I went through. Two weeks worth of laundry cost almost ten dollars. I never thought about the locks, but I think you're probably right about that one, although combinations are preferrable to keys.