Friday, July 9, 2010

Mary J. Blige is Going to College

According to CNN Mary J. Blige, who was just awarded her honorary high school diploma, has decided to take the next logical step in her education: she is going to college at the age of 39. She says she has been accepted at Howard University, but officials there say nothing is set in stone, although they are willing to help her with the process.

I think this is great, and that she is unlikely to have trouble getting into any school she applies at, especially in the music department. Howard University probably doesn't want to seem like she gets special consideration so she has to go through the entire application process.

She is demonstrating the value of education, even past the age of traditional students. Many celebrities forgo higher education to continue or begin their careers, and while they have done well, (Oprah and Bill Gates for example) I would prefer celebrities stress the importance of college. Both Gates and Winnfrey have done just that. Gates with his philanthropy and Winnfrey by going back to get her degree.

Here is the article for further information.


  1. this is nice to know, my mom just walked down the aisle to receive her AA and graduated from community college & she's about to turn 64. [I was sitting right next to her, as I also graduated]

  2. i love that she is showing that it's never too late to go...and just because it may seem like you have it all---you don't. Education is always important! nice blog!