Monday, July 12, 2010

What to Keep out of Your Dorm Room

On friday, I posted a list of necessities for dorm rooms. Here is a list of things that should stay out of dorm rooms:
  • A pet- most dorms will tell you that you can keep a pet as long as it cannot survive out of water, but even a gold fish might be inadvisable. No matter how responsible you are, it gets difficult to remember to feed it. Sometimes you'll be out of the room so much you won't be able to feed it.
  • Strong scents- in small places scents will pervade the air. Some people might even have allergies. So do your floor a favor and stick with basic perfumes or colognes and shower every day with regular soap and shampoo.
  • Video game consoles- they will be too distracting and you will never want to get anything else done. I've seen it happen. The same is true with computer games such as The Sims.
  • Junk- if you don't need it, don't bring it.
  • Cigarettes- this isn't a "smoking is bad for you" lecture, but cigarettes are expensive. Money will be tight as it is, and that three dollars a day could be put towards food, school supplies, or savings for when you have to start paying back loans.
  • Large amounts of cash-You may be living with your roommate, but the truth is you can't trust them yet. Or any one else on your floor if you leave your door unlocked.
  • A car- most students will be divided on this but I think the best thing to do, especially if you are a freshman, is to leave the car at home. You will save a lot in gas money, and you'll get to know more people since you will be staying on the weekends, using public transportation, and sharing rides. Also, parking is a huge hassle that will be stressful, particularly the first couple of weeks.

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  1. Good advice on the money. I can't count on two fingers and two toes the amount of people I know who got robbed. lock your doors, kids.

    - Chris (