Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Recruitment for Organizations

During the first few weeks of school, the main concern of many upperclassmen is how to get freshmen to join their organizations. Everyone from fraternities and sororities to the psychology club are hosting recruitment parties and interest meetings. And its no wonder; if recruitent doesn't go well, an organization may not survive another year. There are a few stand bys; advertise an interest meeting and give out free pizza, or talk to freshmen during orientation week. Of course, getting people to show up to the first meeting isn't the hard part, nor does it indicate the success of your recruitment methods. The only way to do both those things is to see how many people become members and keep showing up to meetings.

What recruitments have been successful in your experience? What weren't successful? If you were a prospective member, what would make you want to join or not join?

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