Friday, July 23, 2010

Work Study Funds are Being Reduced

Now that you know where you'll be going to college in the fall, one question may remain to be answered: how will you cover the cost of school that scholarships, savings, and your parents did not cover? For a lot of students the answer is loans and grants. For others, the answer is work study. For those who don't know, work study is essentially just a job that the campus gives you. Unlike other campus jobs though, it is need based. For more information on what work study is, go to this web page:

Unfortunately, funds at many institutions to pay for work study has gone down. Not even students who had work study last year are going to be guarenteed positions. The reason for this is that last year many students received their pay through the Federal Stimulus Package, and institutions no longer have that money. The result: many students will lose necesary funding or have to take out more loans. Does this mean that student workers who were not funded by Federal Work Study will also lose their jobs? My campus certainly had many more student workers last year than they have in the past.

Less work study money available
This article has some good news, however

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